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Our Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. This privacy policy explains how and why we use your personal data, to make sure you stay informed and can be confident about giving us your information.

Your personal data is in safe hands with the National Trust

We do: use your personal data to help us provide a great experience for you. This includes tailoring the information we share to ensure you find it relevant, useful and timely.
We do: respect your privacy and work hard to ensure we meet strict regulatory requirements.
We don’t: sell your personal data to third parties.
We’ll always protect your personal data and, as part of this, we regularly review our privacy notice so that you can see how we use your data and what your options are. If there are any further changes to the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (or GDPR) or related laws, we may need to amend this statement in the future.
A few quick notes:

This privacy policy explains what data we collect as well as how and why we use your personal data

The policy applies to you if you’re a supporter of the Trust (whether that’s as a member, donor, volunteer, tenant, customer or employee) or use any of our services, visit our website, use our mobile app, email, call or write to us. In certain circumstances we may also provide an extra privacy notice, which will always refer to this page

We’ll never sell your personal data. We will only share it with organisations we work with who meet our high privacy standards.

The verification, update or amendment of your personal data will take place within 5 days of receipt of your request.

Other data subject rights

This privacy policy is intended to provide information about what personal data we collect about you and how it is used. As well as rights of access and amendment referred to above, individuals may have other rights in relation to the personal data we hold, such as a right to erasure/deletion (‘right to be forgotten’), to restrict or object to our processing of personal data and the right to data portability. There may be other legal reasons why we need to process your personal data, but please tell us if you don’t think we should be using it. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please send an email to

When we use Legitimate Interest

We sometimes use Legitimate Interest as our legal basis for processing personal data. We always conduct a Balance Test when doing this, weighing the protection of your rights and personal data with our use of your data to continue supporting our interests. These Balance Test are assessed by our Data Protection Office, to ensure that the rights of our supporters are maintained.
We use Legitimate Interest in some limited circumstances, in the following areas of our work: Volunteering, Membership, Data Analysis, Our Website, Fundraising, Marketing.

What to do if you’re not happy

In the first instance, please talk directly to us, so we can learn from and resolve any problem or query. You can send an email with the details of any data protection complaint to We will respond to any complaints we receive.
You have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (the Kenyan data protection regulator).  For further information on your rights and how to complain to the ICO, please refer to the ICO website.

About this privacy policy

Please check the above policies before you submit any personal data on this website. This privacy policy applies solely to the personal data collected by the National Trust.  
We’ll amend this privacy policy from time to time to ensure it remains up to date, shows how and why we use your personal data, and reflects any new legal requirements. Please visit our website to keep up to date with any changes. The current version will always be posted on our website. 


Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that collect information to help provide the best possible online experience for you. This page will tell you what cookies are, how we use them, and how you can control our use of cookies and similar technologies.
website or to make a purchase.
We also use essential cookies to remember information you’ve entered into our join or donate forms, so that you can move between steps on the form, or visit other pages without having to re-enter your information, all within a single website visit.

Functional cookies: These cookies are used to recognize you when you return to our website. This enables us to remember the preferences you’ve chosen, for example, we use functionality cookies to remember settings you’ve previously applied, such as layout and text size.

Performance cookies: These cookies are used to provide anonymous data to track how you interact with the website, and the number of visitors. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example, by ensuring that you find what you’re looking for easily. We also use these to make sure the site is working properly and for testing different designs. 

Marketing cookies: These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We’ll use this information to make our website more relevant to your interests. These cookies allow us to target our advertising to you or to people similar to you, to measure effectiveness of campaigns, or to exclude you from our advertising. For example, a cookie set by a partner organization may be used to exclude you from our membership ads on other organizations’ websites, if you have recently completed a membership purchase on our site. This enables us to target our advertising spend more efficiently. If you share an article using a social media sharing button, the social media site may record this.

This policy was last modified on 02.12.2022
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