Our Portfolio

These are just a few


Bio Digester Kenya

We redesigned the company website giving it a modern look. we also did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website. Bio Digester Kenya Installs and maintains Bio Digesters which are modern septic tanks which require no exhaustion. 

Bio Digester Rwanda

We designed and developed a website for Bio Digester Rwanda. We also did Search Engine Optimisation for the website. Bio Digester Rwanda installs and maintains Bio Digesters. They are experts at human waste management. 

Somaliland Youth Scholarship Organization

We developed an online  Learning Management System for Somaliland Youth Scholarship Organization.  This organization was established by the Somaliland Youth Students (SYS) in 2019. As a company limited by guarantee and having no share capital for the sole object of advancing education. 

Semiconductor Technologies Limited

Part of a group of companies in the USA, which control a 500 billion dollar semiconductor market. It was conceived in 2016 as part of strategic expansion away from the traditional areas of manufacturing. This is the only semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in Africa.

Traffic Watch Africa Limited

Traffic Watch Africa is a video technology-based traffic monitoring and surveying company.
Specialist services include: Turning Movement Intersection Counts, OD Number Plate Surveys (ANPR), Pedestrian & NMT Surveys, Parking Surveys & Public Transport Surveys.

Simar Consulting Limited

With focus on administration of human resources policies and procedures by analysing their current HR programs, identify problems and communicate potential solutions that will help you create effective solutions that maximize your business performance and minimize risk.